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You all must have experienced satisfaction as customers while travelling in and around the country on leisure trips arranged by timeshare companies. You may also have adjusted and accommodated minor issues like cold water from Geyser on a chilly morning, delayed morning tea and prolonged breakfast schedule and so on. Such things happen when you engage agents who hardly have a personal touch with the facilities they book.

Let us invite you to the paradigm of Customer Delight. We at ‘Wind of Change’ believe in personal touch to offer this delight to our esteemed guests, yes we treat our customers as guest to be precise, by a slew of different initiatives with the future aspirations in mind. We personally travel to all the locations to inspect all arrangements before we offer the same to our guests. We also keep a regular track of guests looking after their ‘if’s and ‘but’s and we also try to provide customised solutions to the extent possible.

We have so far networked in North Bengal, North East, Sikkim & Bhutan and would like to offer exclusive and customised trips just the way it matches your dreams. We have also got covered some unknown terrains of Andaman & Nicobar Islands.

We invite you to experience the delightful change in leisure travel by being the guest of ‘Wind of Change’. Let the unknown be known.

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